I see BOS1901, BOS1901-KIT and BOS1901-KIT Controller on the download page. What should I look up first?

Date Added: 2019-06-21

Let’s distinguish each component:

BOS1901 is the product integrated chip. You should refer to the datasheet for information specific to this product.

BOS1901-KIT is the development kit. It is used to evaluate the technology and get familiar with piezoelectric actuators. Its firmware can be changed; you can even reprogram it yourself. The firmware source code is available on the website. You should refer to the BOS1901-KIT User Guide for information specific to this evaluation board.

BOS1901-KIT Controller is a Windows software Graphical User Interface (GUI) to ease customization of the BOS1901-KIT parameters. It allows to play wave files, change audio playback parameters, change the parameters of the sensing demonstration, and change the BOS1901 ICs internal registers when optimizing for a specific application.

How do I start?

Here are the recommended steps we suggest to get started with this technology:

  • A.      Get the BOS1901-KIT
    • 1.       In the BOS1901-KIT User Guide, read the Quick-Start guide at section 3 to get familiar with the kit components.
    • 2.       Follow instructions in the Quick-Start Procedure at section 3.3 to experience the sensing demonstration.
    • 3.       Then to play a waveform, download the waveforms provided on the website.
    • 4.       Read section 5.1 of the BOS1901-KIT User Guide to install Audacity® software.
    • 5.       Follow instructions in section 5.2 to load and play waveforms.
  • B.      Change BOS1901-KIT parameters to change its behavior
  • This can be done either by modifying the firmware or through the GUI software. The latter is easier as a first step and will get you an understanding of the firmware internal parameters.
    • 1.       Download and install the BOS1901-KIT Controller software.
    • 2.       Launch the application and connect the BOS1901-KIT. Note: Windows has a tendency of automatically selecting any new audio device connected. If Windows as selected a Cypress speaker as its main audio output device, change it back to your usual speaker.
    • 3.       Select “Start a New Session”.
    • 4.       Go to the “Sensing Config” Tab.
    • 5.       Adjust parameters, then click “Send to Device”. See how various values affect the sensing detection and feedback when pressing the piezoelectric actuators.
  • C.      Get familiar with the BOS1901 register structure
    • 1.       Read the BOS1901 datasheet register map at section 6.4.
    • 2.       Install Cypress PSoC Creator software.
    • 3.       Open the BOS1901-KIT firmware project file.
    • 4.       Read the BOS1901-KIT firmware go get familiar with typical register write sequences.
    • 5.       In the BOS1901-KIT Controller, in the “Register Config” tab, you can load each BOS1901 IC register configuration. This will give you the register values once the BOS1901-KIT has been initialized and is running.

From there, you can start building your application firmware, continue exploring, or start optimizing the IC registers to fit your application.