Experimenting the built-in sensing and feedback feature of the BOS1901-Kit

Here is a detailed procedure to experience the BOS1901-Kit sensing and feedback feature:

  1. Start with all DIP Switches set to OFF (out-of-the-box configuration).
  2. Make sure to connect the TDK PowerHap 2.5G piezo actuator on channel A when first using the kit (red wire on HV+ and black wire on HV-).
  3. Plug the USB connector, and wait for the green LED to be ON and the red LED to be OFF (this will take about 10 seconds).
  4. Then you can push on the piezo actuator just as if it was a button. You will feel a click.
  5. With switches 5, 6 and 7 all set to OFF this “click” might be too subtle.
  6. Turn all switches 5, 6 and 7 to ON and then push the piezo again; the feeling should be clearer and stronger, and require less pressure to trigger.
  7. You can then try various setting combinations for switches 5 to 7 to see how it affects the feedback.
  8. If all the above goes well, then plug the piezo to channel B, and set SW3 to ON and SW4 to ON.
  9. As you gradually apply pressure on the piezo, you will feel 3 events: 1 click, another click a bit stronger, and then a buzz. If you have trouble distinguishing all 3 events, set SW7 OFF to decrease the sensitivity.